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As I sat down to write about Rania Kuraa, I began by wanting to list 6 or 7 traits that make her unique in the business world. Before I could take a breath, I had 15 listed, with more flooding my mind. I thought I’d stop at 20, then 25, and I finally forced myself to quit at 33.

Listing them all would be appropriate, but not a very compelling read, so I needed to pare this list down considerably. I chose 3 words that I believe encapsulate the essence of Rania. Curious, Creative, Caring.


Her unquenchable thirst for learning makes her always numerous steps ahead as she is on top of the latest trends, merged with an encyclopedic knowledge of the history of successes and failures. This practice Rania brings to all projects she tackles. If not initially familiar with an industry, she quickly becomes an expert with competence, insight, and vision.


Her creativity manifests itself in many forms. From artistic and compelling designs as an expert graphic artist, to her written words be they in an academic article or a relatable and encouraging social media post. Her understanding of the marketing world extends beyond the digital realm, encompassing knowledge derived as a scholar, marketer, and successful business owner.

However, her creativity doesn’t stop there, she brings remarkably successful marketing campaign plans to new and long-established businesses alike. Her belief that one-size doesn’t fit all fuels her creativity in crafting customized strategies for each of her clients.

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Her core belief in the necessity for kindness to others and oneself is one that is acknowledged by all who work with Rania. It is precisely this genuine trait that makes her a great leader of any project and an accomplished problem solver.

Her foundation of encouragement and inclusion generates results that had previously not been approached. The culture of excellence, safety, and pride in the work brings a sense of team unity from the new intern to the CEO.

Now if you did the math earlier, you know that I chose just 9% of the traits I listed about Rania. None of the other 30 are ‘fluff’ or exaggerations. If you wish, I’d be happy to share them with you.

Suffice it to say that Rania Kuraa is an extraordinarily talented, extremely unique, and an exceptionally visionary marketer with whom anyone would be fortunate to have partnering with them.


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